Gun Services

– Barrel Threading

1. $140 for bolt action rifles barreled actions.
2. $140 Bull Barrel Ruger MK II/III and Browning Buckmark Service. Relocate sight, shorten, thread 1/2-28, crown, make custom thread protector. *PIC*
3. $75 for most common rifles and pistols that don’t require extension. (ARs, 10/22s, etc)
4. $75 for a threaded extension for most handguns and small diameter .22 barrels that can’t be threaded 1/2-28. Must also purchase #2.
5. $25 to add a standard thread protector to a thread job
6. $35 for custom thread protector *PIC*
7. $15 service charge to disassemble most firearms

Call or email me if you have any questions or would like to discuss the specifics on what you need done.
(405) 650-8958

PS90 Barrel chopped down to P90 specs. Call/Email for quote.

Savage 93r17 threaded 1/2-28 with custom thread protector

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